At the edge of your seat, you are dialed in for professional rodeo action.  AND… it doesn’t stop there.  With nonstop, high-energized improv comedy, you won’t leave the show unentertained.

         Almost every boy, when younger, wants to grow up and be a cowboy.  There is no exception here.  One of the first things that Wesley can remember telling his father what he wanted to do when he grew up, was to ride and fight bulls.  

         Showing up to rodeos with long hair and sandals, Wes shortly received the nickname Hippie that would stick with him to this day and from then on be forever known. 

         In 2002, Hippie began clowning rodeos for the contractor that gave him his start by entertaining crowds with the personality and wit that got him sent to the principal’s office.  Shortly after that he would also begin to fight bulls in the rodeo, and this all the while he was still riding bulls.  It was in 2005 that Hippie would stop riding and fighting bulls and focus on the career of entertainer.  He set his goals high, and in the year of 2007, Hippie became a member of the PRCA.  He now travels across the United States entertaining crowds at PRCA rodeos and CBR and PBR events.   


        So fasten your seat belt, stretch your smile, and get ready for rodeo and comedy at its best.  Can’t wait to see you down the rodeo trail and enjoy a good laugh.


Phil Kafka & Andrew Odden

ilson's Rodeo will be our rough stock contractors for  Burke Stampede Rodeo.

2017 Stampede Rodeo's entertainment will be

"HIPPIE The Rodeo Clown"

Wesley Engelkes

Burke Stampede Rodeo